Delicato   2022

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General Design:
Chanterelles: 2, g + g'
Trompettes: 2, c' + d'
Bourdons: 2, C + G
Scale Length: 37 cm
Soundboard: Spruce
Rib: Maple
Back plate: Maple
Tail piece: Ebony
Handle: Ebony
Keys: 24, Plywood
Tangents: Steel
Wheel: Ø 16,5 cm, 3D Print + Silicon + Necuron
Wheel suspension: Fully dynamic
Axle: Ø 10mm, V2A
Bearings: Delrin/POM
Measurements: Total w/o crank 80 cm, Body 55 cm
Pegs: Finetune
Bourdon Bridge: Adjustable
Chanterelle Bridge: Adjustable
Buzzing Bridge: Intensity adjustable
Capos: Trompettes & Bourdons
Surface: Oil Varnish
Electronics: Piezo, Schaller Oyster SP

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